Donations by Gilberto Salazar Escoboza

(Our) Commitment to Community

Gilberto Salazar Escoboza has always felt very connected to his community and pushed for it to thrive. For 20 years, he has donated to local foundations and social service institutions to ensure that the people he knows and loves can live better lives.

The list below details the great organizations to which Gilberto, with the help of Videxport S.A. de C.V. and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés S.A. de C.V., regularly contributes.

Banco de Alimentos de Hermosillo I.A.P. (Food Bank of Hermosillo)


Banco de Alimentos de Hermosillo I.A.P. distributes donated fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals and grains to children, the elderly, and the sick or disabled in different poverty stricken areas in Hermosillo.

Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés donate literally tons of watermelons during the harvest seasons. During the 2014 summer season, more than 5 tons were delivered to the food bank; during the winter season, the companies delivered four tons.

Learn about contributing to Banco de Alimentos de Hermosillo I.A.P. at

Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos (State Commission for Human Rights)

Adopta un niño de la Costa (Adopt a Child From the Coast)

This program, organized by CEDH, has been in place for two years. The Adopt a Child From the Coast program allows sponsors to provide basic needs, such as milk and diapers, to the “adopted” children for continuous six-month periods. In addition, upon delivery of the assistive items, CEDH monitors the child’s well-being, health and development, ensuring they are not victims of abuse.

Gilberto Salazar Escoboza, Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés “adopted” seven children through this program in 2013 and have re-initiated their involvement in 2015, adopting another seven children. Read more about our most recent adoption.

Learn how to participate in this program at

Empalme Police Department

Toy Donation

Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés received a request for toy donations by the governmental department in Empalme, Sonora, under which Videxport’s fields in Guaymas fall. In 2013, Videxport donated toys to children living in the town nearest its fields. Last year, in 2014, toys were delivered to the children of Empalme Police Department personnel.

Contact your local police department or other public service in your community to find out how to help in your community.

Fundación Cano Vélez, ayudo y me gusta A.C. (Cano Vélez Foundation: I Help and I Like It)

This foundation helps individuals and families by offering sports, education, and health- and food-related programs to improve the quality of life and promote sustainable development.

Videxport donated 6 tons of watermelons from the summer harvest and 5 tons of watermelon during the winter season. In addition, Videxport makes two separate monetary donations to the foundation each year, amounting to $75,000 (MXN) each for a total of $150,000 (MXN).

Learn more about the foundation at

Fundación Piel con Vida (Skin With Life Foundation)

This foundation raises awareness of skin cancer to increase knowledge of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Initiated by Corporativo LDM, it also forms partnerships with similar organizations to promote overall health in the community.

Videxport supports Fundación Piel con Vida by encouraging protection for its workers through our purchases of netting shade from Corporativo LDM.

Learn more at

Patronato de Asilo de Ancianos Juan Pablo II (John Paul II Home for the Elderly)

The elderly are too often forgotten. This organization seeks to rectify that by providing housing, food, medical care, and spiritual and recreational activities for the elderly with disabilities or those with no family.

Each year, Videxport donates approximately 36 tons of watermelons and makes a monetary donation of $5,000 (MXN).

Contact public and human rights service organizations in your community to see how you may assist the elderly in need. Suggested websites:

Promoción Social y Educativa del Noroeste A.C. (Social and Educational Development of the Northwest)


This organization provides assistance to people from rural communities that wish to further their development in family and community values.

Gilberto, Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés provide food, materials, activities, as well as transportation and lodging expenses for volunteers to assist company field workers during the Holy Week. Learn more about Mexican Holy Week traditions at Mexconnect.

EHUI Rehabilitación Integral A.C. (Ehui Rehabilitation)

EHUI Offers equine therapy (hippotherapy) to help people with neuromotor dysfunction, sensory disabilities, behavioral problems, social maladjustment (e.g. drug addiction or criminal behavior), among other issues. Hippotherapy is a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. Hippotherapy literally means “treatment with the help of the horse”; the Greek word “hippos” means horse. Their services are offered to the entire community, but focus on low-income persons and those living in rural areas. EHUI conducted the first scientific research study on equine therapy in children with cerebral palsy in Mexico.

Gilberto Salazar Escoboza, Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés contribute a combined monetary donation of $2,600 (MXN) er week in support of EHUI’s incredible work.
Learn how you can support EHUI at

Abuelos Trabajando por Sonora I.A.P. (Grandparents Working for Sonora)

By educating and encouraging healthy active lifestyles, this organization challenges adults over 50 to embrace a “culture of aging in a healthy and active way”—the challenge of the 21st century.

Gilberto, Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés have contributed $5,000 (MXN) virtually every month since 2013 to this very important program.

Learn how you may contribute or obtain assistance at

Instituto Angel de la Guarda I.A.P. (Guardian Angel Institute)


The Guardian Angel Institute is a nonprofit organization that focuses on serving children and adolescents whose special needs require more attention than can be provided in regular schools. The organization serves children and adolescents with Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation and neuromotor problems.

Gilberto and his companies contribute a combined monetary donation of $10,000 (MXN) per month to assist these children.

For more information about the institution, watch this video:

Note: The video is narrated and captioned in Spanish, but translated English-language captions are available.

Cruz Roja Mexicana de Hermosillo (Mexican Red Cross of Hermosillo)

This is a branch of the well-known international foundation, which provides emergency medical assistance to anyone in need.

Videxport contributes $5,000 (MXN) each year and assists in donation campaigns through its employees.

Contribute to Cruz Roja Mexicana de Hermosillo at or contact the local Red Cross in your community.

Ford 96 Elementary School

A number of children of the employees of Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés attend Ford 96 Elementary School. Gilberto, aware of the necessary maintenance for the school, donated air conditioners and continues to offer annual donations from the companies.

Because the children of his employees are considered part of the Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés family, they benefit from a number of other initiatives Gilberto has employed to ensure their happiness.

Contact the school district representatives in your community to find out how you may be of assistance in your community.