Semana Santa – Holy Week 2015

Semana Santa or Holy Week commences on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos), culminating on Easter Sunday (Domingo de Pascua). As nearly 90% of Mexico’s population is of the Catholic faith, Easter is the most important holiday as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Leading up to Easter, Semana Santa is a time of great celebration, events, and reverent reflection. Commencing on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and culminating on Easter Sunday (Domingo de Pascua), this year Semana Santa will be from March 29 through April 5, 2015.

I recognize the importance of Semana Santa and the opportunity this important time offers to enhance the lives and spirituality of the workers and their families. It has been a long tradition of the Salazar family and Videxport to provide events, activities, and celebrations for the Videxport and Fruitcola workers during Semana Santa. Videxport employees and numerous church and school volunteers work together to develop and conduct meaningful programs for family betterment, as well as spiritual activities and encouragement. Participation in all of the activities is, of course, voluntary, and free of charge.

Highlights of the Semana Santa events offered by Videxport and volunteers include:

  • Human values classes for children. Working separately with boys and girls divided into age groups, the children attended classes on various topics relating to human values developed specifically for their age groups. The children are then engaged in craft work relating to the topic of their class, strengthening the lasting message in a fun and exciting way for the children.

  • The volunteers follow the same values taught in the classes during play time and sports with the children. Human values and behavioral lessons are often in specific examples of behavior demonstrated in these activities.
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  • The volunteers offer special classes for people who want to receive the baptism sacrament. Parents and godparents also attend doctrinal classes to encourage understanding of the meaning of the sacrament to learn to value the importance its sacrament.

  • Volunteers select a maintenance project for the workers’ and/or children’s facilities. In 2014 they painted the daycare fence and the recreational area (swings and wheels games), and the kindergarten classroom to make it more attractive in accordance with pedagogical recommendations.

  • Priestly care is available from Tuesday through Saturday, engaging in the Holy Week activities according with the Catholic Church. The priest offers confessionals for the volunteers, workers, and their family members. Masses are also held, and a one-day class regarding the meaning of the mass for the volunteers. On Saturday, during the Holy Mass of the new fire (Resurrection), the priest celebrates the baptisms of the children who were prepared during the week.

  • The volunteers join pantries with their friends in Hermosillo and during the week they make deliveries for the families of field workers in the field.

  • Health and cleanliness are also taught to the families of field workers in their homes.

For Semana Santa 2015, Videxport has expanded the events and activities available to workers and their families. For the first time, classes specifically for teenagers and the aged are being offered. Since Videxport has been engaged in remodeling and updating facilities, the volunteers will use their time in additional classes and activities in moral education and implementation of human values in everyday life.

Videxport is aware of growing social challenges faced by its workers and their families. Additional activities will be offered to educate and enhance family values, modesty, and respectability. The aged will enjoy classes and crafts relating to health care and quality of life.

All of the workers of Videxport S.A. de C.V. and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés S.A. de C.V. and their family members are encouraged to participate in the activities of Holy Week, and the workers are given time off to do so upon request.

Gilberto Salazar Escoboza is extremely family orientated and has been married for 24 years. He was born and raised in Hermosillo, Mexico. Gilberto has been the General Director of Videxport ever since he took over the family business in 1987. He enjoys reading and writing about the latest trends in the produce industry.

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