What to Grow in an Awesome Autumn Garden

Summer is nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean gardening has to end as well. As you harvest the fruits (and veggies!) of your labor, this is the time to look forward to what’s ahead for your garden during the fall months. Leafy greens and root crops keep the growing season alive year-round. The trick

Save the Ends! How to Regrow Your Vegetables

Everyone loves the taste and crispness of fresh, organic summer vegetables. Unfortunately, buying organic produce from the supermarket can get pricey—and sometimes, you still don’t know if what you’re getting is actually organic. If you’re afraid you have a black thumb and are unable to grow your own veggies from seed, there is an option:

Freeze These Summer Fruits and Herbs

Summertime means an abundance of succulent, sweet and tangy berries, stone fruits, and herbs. It’s hard to pass up on this produce, but unfortunately, it can be even harder to use all of it before it goes to waste. Instead of tossing out rotten fruit, take advantage of the summer harvest through your freezer. Summer

3 Edible Plants That Grow in the (Almost) Dark

It’s a simple lesson from science class that plants need air, water, light and nutrients to grow. Mexico’s abundance of sunshine is particularly ideal for plenty of sun-loving fruits and vegetables. But there are several edible plants that bend the rules of science a bit, naturally thriving with little or no sunlight. White Asparagus The

5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home Garden

Your garden may be green, but is it eco-friendly? With even a simple flower garden, you may have gardening habits that are negatively impacting the ecosystem in your yard. Apply these tips and you’ll be on your way to benefiting the environment as you care for your home’s green space. Stay Native Perhaps the most

Should I Eat It Raw or Cooked?

For most people, flavor is the most important consideration in choosing how to prepare vegetables. In terms of nutrition, however, there are reasons to cook some foods and to eat others raw. Cooking generally causes some nutritional loss, but certain vegetables’ nutrients are more readily absorbed when cooked. Better Cooked Though there is merit to

5 Weirdest Fruits From Around the World

We’re all used to regularly seeing apples, bananas and pears in the supermarket, and although tradition can be comforting, it can also get a little boring. If you feel like changing up your weekly grocery list, look out for one of these strange and exotic fruits to liven up your week. Buddha’s Hand Citrus medica

Vegetables That Are Actually Fruits

Many people realize that the tomato, one of the most beloved “vegetables,” is, in reality, a fruit. In fact, a number of other vegetables are actually fruits—and there are even a few fruits that are actually vegetables. We tend to make the distinction between fruits and vegetables based upon how sweet they are, but the