How Farms Can Hurt the Land (And How We Stopped It)

We need farms to provide the foods we eat, yet many farming practices seriously damage the environment. Videxport S.A. de C.V.’s owner, Gilberto Salazar Escoboza, established a commitment to sustainable agriculture to provide food for people throughout the world while encouraging a healthy habitat for all creatures. Damaging Farming Methods Our world depends upon technology.

Integrated Pest Management and the Environment

Addressing the world’s environmental woes means adopting environmentally responsible farming methods. IPM, or integrated pest management, maintains crop yields while minimizing environmental impact. Operating a large produce company presents numerous challenges in successfully growing high quality fruits and vegetable. For some, embracing IPM seems like an additional hassle that takes too much time to properly

Health Benefits of Grapes (Besides Wine!)

Over 9,000 years ago, humans figured out the process of making booze, specifically a honey and rice concoction brewed in what is now central China, according to Scientific American. Evidence exists that a couple thousand years later, in and around the region now known as Iran, fermentation of grapes produced wine. However, winemaking likely emerged

The Good Bugs for Agriculture

Since the dawn of civilization, and thus the dawn of agriculture, man has battled bugs. Despite years of trying to eradicate bugs from our agricultural crops, they persist in their assaults. Our tactics in fighting back often lack finesse, including repeated applications of broad-spectrum insecticides that kill both bad and beneficial bugs. Many farmers now