How to Be Sustainable: Water

Agricultural sustainability is at the forefront of environmental concerns, and one of the greatest concerns of all is the sustainability of water. GAP, or good agricultural practices, delineate how agricultural producers can best grow the food the world needs with as little detrimental environmental impact as possible. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

Teaching Kids the Value of Sustainable Agriculture

Teach your children well: our natural environment is home to everything we need to survive. We teach our kids about nutrition and different food groups. They usually study some environmental science. We need to bring those concepts together in a way that kids understand how food, civilization, and sustainable agriculture intertwine with each other. History,

How to Keep Your Produce Fresh

The amount of produce wasted in America is staggering. The National Resources Defense Council reports that up to 40 percent of food in the country is lost or wasted during the journey from “Farm to Fork to Landfill.” Furthermore, the NRDC reports that American households, on average, throw out about a quarter of the food