Social Responsibility

As the employer of a large company that provides produce throughout the world, Gilberto Salazar Escoboza knows that true weight of responsibility—not only for the business, but for the hundreds of people that make the business successful.

In 2009, Gilberto Salazar Escoboza implemented a sweeping social responsibility project within Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés to support his employees and their families. The project was founded on the philosophy that:

In order to properly solve social problems, we must understand the true meaning of being human.

Improved Facilities

Many employees live on company property with their families; as such, Gilberto Salazar focused much of the effort on upgrading the facilities that all workers are free to use. The company hoped to promote relaxation, health, hygiene, and a positive use of leisure time among the workers with these improved areas:

  • Dormitories
  • Infirmary
  • New and improved sanitary facilities
  • Dining areas
  • A chapel, offering services including mass, confessions, Easter projects, baptisms, communions, and classes on values and personal development
  • Sports fields, which broke ground in March 2014, that will hold games organized by the company
  • A store, supported by SEDESOL, that sells food and personal hygiene products
  • Day care center, which can care for 80 children, ranging from infants to elementary students
  • A dairy program available with the help of LICONSA that offers access to milk products at a reduced price
  • Social support groups
  • Modern technology and equipment to keep up with the evolving needs of the employees


Gilberto Salazar ensured that the health of all workers was a focal point for the social responsibility project. Each employee’s health is monitored, coordinated by the Department of Social Responsibility, with free general consultations and medication provided free of charge. In fact, the infirmary offers about 3,000 free consultations per year.

The infirmary also offers vaccinations for adults, including influenza, anti-pneumococcal, tetanus, and diphtheria; children can also receive vaccinations for polio, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, rubella, and, for children older than nine, HPV.

Employees working in more hazardous conditions receive free personal protective equipment. Employees working in the field—and especially with agrochemicals—are required to have biannual medical examinations and lab testing in order to ensure that they remain in good health.


As a father, Gilberto Salazar knows the importance of education starting from an early age and continuing throughout adulthood. The companies offer preschool and elementary-level schooling for children with the help of the National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE), as well as adult education through ISEA. The company also offers scholarships for its workers and their families.

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