Gilberto Salazar Escoboza


Gilberto Salazar Escoboza, general director of Videxport S.A. de C.V. and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés S.A. de C.V., proudly carries on the tradition of excellence in growing, packaging, and distributing high-quality produce that was established by his father almost 40 years ago.

Gilberto Salazar Escoboza, born in Hermosillo, in the Mexican state of Sonora, on January 6, 1964, earned a degree in business, finance and agriculture at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey City, Nuevo León, México. While a native Spanish speaker, Gilberto is also fluent in English. Gilberto Salazar Escoboza has been married for over 24 years to Maria Eugenia Escalante Garza and is the proud father of three children.

Videxport S.A. de C.V. and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés S.A. de C.V. are family-owned and operated businesses and distribute products to over a dozen international markets. The companies, being family owned, know that success starts with its workers; Gilberto Salazar Escoboza is thus committed to the happiness, health, and overall wellbeing of his employees. To do so, Gilberto Salazar Escoboza has implemented a social responsibility program that aims to improve the facilities and offerings of the company, including daycare programs, athletic fields, a chapel, educational and financial programs, wellness checks, and more for all its workers.

The History of His Companies

Salazar’s father started the business in 1975, at which time it employed 300 workers and farmed 200 acres. Gilberto Salazar Escoboza took the reins of Videxport and Empacadora Frutícola Santa Inés in 1987. The businesses now cover more than 7,400 acres (3,000 hectares) of farmland in and around Hermosillo, Guaymas and Carbó, Sonora, Mexico; the companies now employ more than 7,000 workers.

Videxport is committed to adhering to new government regulations in both Mexico and the U.S. It strictly follows the guidelines for GAPs, or good agricultural practices, and is dedicated to sustainable agriculture.

Videxport, S.A. de C.V.

  • Produces table grapes, watermelons, bell peppers and pecans.
  • Employs approximately 400 full-time employees and more than 5,500 seasonal workers.

Empacadora Frutícola Santa Ines, S.A. de C.V.,

  • Prepares, packages, precools, stores , and manages logistics for Videxport products.
  • Employs more than 1,100 employees.

With two harvests each year, Videxport annually produces more than 2 million boxes of table grapes, more than 3 million crates of watermelons, and 500 tons of pecans, most of which are exported to major retailers in North America, Europe, and Asia. As a result, the companies developed strong business relationships with important marketing and distributing companies, including the The Giumarra Companies for international markets, which offers the Nature’s Partner brand; G&S Marketing S.A de C.V.; Frutas Mayra S.A. de C.V.; Outlandish S.A. de C.V.; Maynekman S.A. de C.V.; and Modernman S.A. de C.V. for national markets.

A Commitment to the Community

Salazar and his companies invest significant time and financial support into their community. Salazar sits on several agricultural boards and serves as a member of the board for Bancomer and Banorte Banks; he also serves as a financial advisor for Progreso Sólido S.C. and L.C. Liquidez Corporativa .

Videxport S.A. de C.V. is Fair Trade certified. Additionally, it holds several certifications demonstrating its commitment to responsible food production, including:

  • Global G.A.P., dealing with crop management and environmental impact.
  • Primus GFS, a global food safety initiative.
  • Mexico Supreme Quality, a government award in quality.
  • SENASICA, a governmental authority that regulates food safety in Mexican products.
  • C-TPAT, a program that tracks the agreement with the government of the United States to combat bioterrorism.

In addition to the company’s food certifications, Gilberto Salazar Escoboza has donated to a number of organizations, charities, and scholarships to better the lives of the people in Mexico.